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Craft Design & Build is well versed in selecting the most appropriate materials and methods to ensure your project looks great without sacrificing budget or schedule.

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How It Works

We are engaged during the project's inception to act as the client's authorized agent for the entirety of the build-out. We view prospective spaces with the client and Leasing Agent, followed by a space plan with preliminary construction budget.

Once approved by the client, Craft Design & Build brings together a team of experienced Design and Engineering consultants to produce Permit, Tender, and Construction drawings. We deal directly with the city during the permit application and close-out process. All aspects of the project are controlled in-house.

Tender Bids / Final Pricing

The Tender drawings are sent out to multiple Sub-Trades for competitive bidding. We assess the bids and present a “Tender Review” package to the client, which includes a side-by-side comparison of the original Design/Construction Budget and all the Sub-Trade bids. This competitive bid process provides a comprehensive and cost-effective final price for the client.

This final total price can only change if revisions/changes are made after the Tender Review is complete, and a change order (C.O.) has been approved by the client. There are fewer change orders in Design Build jobs than in standard bid jobs as the drawings have been produced by a managed team, rather than as individual entities.


Under the Design Build umbrella, Craft Design & Build is responsible for all approved aspects of the project. This includes, but is not limited to Aesthetic Design Development, all Architectural and Engineering drawing packages, application and close-out of all permits, project management, construction, schedule and budget.

Depending on the needs of the end user, items such as furniture procurement, signage and move management can be part of the overall scope. Communication is simplified by having Craft Design & Build act as the single point of contact.

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